24 april 2008

Crazy exchange for Carol

Carol let me know that she received my Crazy exchange for her. She also told me that it was my second crazy exchange for her! I feel so terrible, because I really can't remember that I sent her something before and what it was! (Help me out here Carol ;) )
That's what happens when your participate in too many exchanges! :) Maybe I should keep an administration for it...

Anyway, this is what I made for Carol:

Design: Swedish sampler motif from a French book "Motifs Scandinaves traditionnels" by Valérie Schira
Fabric: 28 ct. Zweigart Glasgow linen White
Floss: DMC 161 + 347
Finish: Pinkeep or pinpillow or ornament...
Only 6 days untill our holiday! I can hardly wait...

5 opmerkingen:

Carol zei

LOL! You sent me a pretty stitcher's pocket last year - I will find the link later at home and email it to you - don't feel bad! I am thrilled to exchange with you again! I have a chart I put aside to send to you a while back, and now I can send it with the exchange ;-) I love your exchange for me, by the way! {{{HUGS}}}

Carol zei

PS- I sent you a Christmas ornament by Glory Bee as my return exchange last year... coming to memory yet?

Vonna zei

How sweet! :)

Nicole zei

What a beautiful cushion!! It looks very French - I love the fabric you chose!

Janaina zei

Aaawww... that´s so sweet! Well done!:o)