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RAK from Mel and heart-box

Today I had this RAK in the mail from Mel (Goth-tigger)! Isn't that sweet? She sent me a nice postcard with 2 strands of Six Strand Sweets in my favorite colors. The blue one is "Blueberry Pie", the beige is "Cappucino". Sounds jummy to me: a cup of cappucino with a piece of blueberry pie! :)
Mel, thank you so much! You brought a little sunshine to a very rainy day!

Because of all the rain I've decided to make a kartonnage-box. I've had the materials for a long time in my stash... It's not completely perfect, but I'm still happy with it! It's a nice box for my ribbons and laces...

I'm currently stitching on the last exchange for a while and than back to my WIP's! Wondering which WIP I shall start with... Suggestions (requests ;) ) anyone?

Stitching/sewing album

I've bought a package to make this sewing album, a while ago. And I finally took the time to put it together. I've added a little of my own creativity and I'm really happy the way it turns out!

I'm doing a lot of stitching at the moment, but I can't show anything yet. They're all "FBI-projects" for several exchanges (see the list in my sidebar). But I'm working ahead, so in a while I have a lot of time for my WIP's again!

SBQ: Storing Stuff

Today’s SBQ was suggested by Jennifer and is:
How do you store your WIPs and other projects that you have kitted up?

I have my WIP's in flat plastic boxes, where I keep in the chart, the fabric and the threads. Unless when there are a lot of different colors, I keep the floss separate in a little bobbins-box. I don't have other projects kitted up. When they are kitted, they have to be started!

Dutch pillow

During my quilting-class we had a lesson about the typical Dutch handkerchiefs and I started to make this pillow. It's made out of these handkerchiefs and fabrics that were traditional used for folkloric costumes.
Doesn't it look great on our "Holland"-bedcovers???

Thank you

Hello dear (stitching) friends,
Thank you so much for all your sweet words and nice comments (by mail and blog) about the neck-thingie! It feels good to know that so many people are caring for me!
My neck is feeling better already... At least the headache is gone. Good thing is that it's more computer-related than stitching-related! So I shouldn't make this post too long ;)
Big hug for you all!!!

Less active...

Today I went to see a physical therapist, because I'm having a headache for more than a week. It seems to come from my neck... So the therapist told me to cut down on my computer-time and stitching-time a little. Fortunatly I can keep stitching but I have to take more breaks in between. I will update my blog however and try to keep up with all the blogs of my stitching-friends!

Pirates of the Caribbean ;)

I'm half way done with the Pirates for DS! I'm trying to find out where Johnny Depp is, in this pic, but none of these pirates comes close....
But they are fun to stitch! And DS is still encouring me.
If you want to see the progress click here.


Today I received this beautiful pinkeep from Veronica (Rava). I love the warm red colors she stitched it with. She wrote on her card that the pattern is from the Cat Whiskers.

Veronica also sended me some wonderful goodies! 4 skeins of DMC in different shades of red, a Dimensions kit and the most gorgeous Silkweaver-fabric called "Frenzy".
Earlier this week Jeanine let me know that she received my favorite seasons-exchange. Her favorite season is Spring, and somehow I had a hard time to find a suitable pattern for her... Maybe because my favorite season is Autumn? But Jeanine liked it anyway!