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HD will have to wait...

First of all; thank you all for your sweet comments on my nearly finished Do Bears. Despite your encouragements,I’m afraid the Happy Dance for Do Bears will have to wait… I still has 2,5 of those little trees to do, but tomorrow I have to pack all the stuff for our 10 days of vacation. So I’m not sure if there will be any stitching time left…I’m not going to take Do Bears with me on vacation, because my floor stand stays at home. I have some small projects kitted up for exchanges that I can stitch in hand.Please, keep your dancing shoes ready. I will be back on May 11th!

HD on it's way...

Just a few more small "trees" and then Long Dog's "Do Bears" will be finished! I feel a major Happy Dance coming :)))
I've made this as our wedding sampler. "2000" is the year we were married on Bonaire and "A" is DH first letter and "S" is mine of course.

Crazy exchange for Carol

Carol let me know that she received my Crazy exchange for her. She also told me that it was my second crazy exchange for her! I feel so terrible, because I really can't remember that I sent her something before and what it was! (Help me out here Carol ;) )
That's what happens when your participate in too many exchanges! :) Maybe I should keep an administration for it...

Anyway, this is what I made for Carol:

Design: Swedish sampler motif from a French book "Motifs Scandinaves traditionnels" by Valérie Schira
Fabric: 28 ct. Zweigart Glasgow linen White
Floss: DMC 161 + 347
Finish: Pinkeep or pinpillow or ornament... Only 6 days untill our holiday! I can hardly wait...

A good day for mail

Why is it that an exchange never comes alone? But always on the same day with another one... Not that I'm complaining or anything.First of all I received this wonderful exchange from Cathy B. for the Seasonal exchange. Spring is the last season of a year full of surprises!

Cathy made me this very pretty pinkeep! She did a great job on the finishing. And she spoiled me so much... again! A pair of Gingher scissors (I love them!), a chart of Blackbird Designs and a Lizzie Kate chart, which is even signed! Even the card that was enclosed was "stitched";)
Cathy, thank you so much for a whole year of wonderful exchanges! You were the best exchange partner someone could wish for!Today I also received this big package. BUT... it says not to open it before May 4th... My hands are itching, but I'll try to be strong!It's the birthday exchange from our Borduurhoekje, from Pascale. Since I will be on vacation with my birthday Pascale sent it little earlier. So you'll have t…

This day's motto ;)

It's beautiful Spring weather today, so NO cleaning today! (I wish I could...)

Little box and lots of bobbins

DS is out playing with a friend, so I spend this afternoon, doing what I like ;) I made myself this little wooden box:
Design: "Red Winged Blackbird" by Bent Creek
Fabric: 32 ct. Belfast Linen, Solos from Silkweaver
Floss: DMC
Finish: Box topA placed a free ad on a website if someone has wooden bobbins left, they don't use anymore. I got only 1 response... ;) But the lady sent me a lot of bobbins! They came by mail today:I think they're great! I love to see all the different brands on it. I think I just started a new collection here... ;)

Tea time exchange finally arrived!

Pffffhew! I'm so relieved! My SBEBB Tea time exchange did finaly arrive in Venezuela. Nela let me know that she likes the exchange (and the tea) a lot.Here's the Tea box I've made for her:
Design: "Teatime" freebee from Grandma's Kitchen.
Fabric: 28 ct. Zweigart Linen Newport plaid
Floss: DMC 347
Finish: Tea box
This is the inside.You can see the complete exchange in Nela's blog.It's always nice to know that your exchanges reach their destinations... I think a replacement is never as good as the original exchange!

Rainy day in Vaassen

Janaina of the Crazy exchange group asked us, to make pictures of the village we live in. So here are some pics of Vaassen...This windmill is in the center of our little village.
I had to mail out something ;)
The church.
My favourite flowershop.
Our Icecream provider with the most yummie icecream!
Castle the Cannenburgh
They are renovating the castle's park, so it's kind of a mess here.
In my car, driving home. At the right is the forest that belongs to the castle.
Statue of Big bear and Little bear, in someone's garden. It's made during a wood carving contest, that was in Vaassen last Autumn.
Continuing my way home...
Here's the beginning of my street. A little further on the left is my house.
And here is our home!
And this is our street. It's very quiet!
The frontdoor.
My car and the door to the backgarden.
Bought the chicken knocker and the plate in France.
The backyard.
The backside of our house.
Our kitchendoor.I hope you enjoyed the little tour through my village!


Whoohoo! My "Red Thread" is already back from the framer!!! I'm so happy with the result! DH was so kind to put a screw in the wall of my toilet, right away. So now I'm enjoying it with every toilet-visit ;)

Crazy exchange for Janaina

I finally, finally heard from Janaina that she received my Crazy exchange!!! It took over a month to reach her home! I've made her a "magic book". It's hard to see on pics but it's really fascinating to see what happens when you open it one side or the other!
Design: Alphabet from a Dutch Magazine
Fabric: 28 ct. Handdyed Jobelan
Floss: DMC 4030
Finish: Magic bookAnd here you can see the "trick" ;)I'm still waiting for my Tea time exchange to arrive in Venezuela. But I saw on the blog of recipient that she's on vacation now. Hope she finds the exchange when she's coming back.

Here's to ewe exchange

Paula let me know she received my sheep for the SBEBB "Here's to ewe" exchange. This is the flatfold I've made for her:

Design: "Woolen Sheep" from the Cricket collection
Fabric: 28 ct. Zweigart Cashel linen "Flax"
Floss: DMC
Finish: FlatfoldAnd today I received my Here's to ewe, from Judith! Judith and I are often in the same exchanges, but this is the first time I was her exchange partner! Look at the lovely pinkeep Judith made for me:
Judith also addes two skeins of Gloriana silk! They are both very pretty, deep, warm reds. I love those colors! Thank you Judith for this wonderful exchange!

Birdhouse exchange

On our Dutch "Borduurhoekje" we've organized a birdhouse exchange. Since birdhouses are my favourite, the best exchange for me to join! This is what I've made for Rita:Design: "Birdhouse trio, Watchful eyes" from Homespun Elegance
Floss: DMC
Fabric: 28 ct. Linen band from Vaupel & Heilenbeck
Finish: flatfoldAnd here's is what I received from Carin:A beautiful made pillowcover! I just love the fabric she used for it ;)