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Mattress Pincushion

I received a mail from Tuula that she has received my Matress Pincushion for the SBEBB exchange. I was a bit worried about it, because usually the post only take 2 days to arrive in Finland and this package took more than a week! But it arrived safe and sound and most important: Tuula likes it a lot! Also the goodies I added were a perfect choice. I recently bought some textiles from an online Brocante shop and I sent Tuula an old towel and some lace. She told me that they fit right into her home!

Design: My aunts attic Fabric: 32 ct. Ivory Lugana Floss: DMC 3721

Finished page 23!

Whoohoo, I'm doing a small happy dance overhere in Vaassen! I've finished page 23 of HAED's Merlin & Arthur! I love the way it turns out, but it's going sooooo s l o w ....

If you want to see the progress I've made, please check my M&A-page on my website. Now, I'm going to finish the rest of page 24, which is not that much...

On the Dutch "Borduurhoekje"-group we're doing a Christmas in July-Sal. Last weekend we all stitched together on this freebee from Blue Ribbon Designs. And this weekend we're finishing it, each on her own way. I've made mine into a Christmas-ornie with felt.


Today my DS has the finals of the clubchampionship of his Judo-school Sakura. He's doing judo for a few months now, and he likes it a lot. There are not many boys of his age and he is a bit bigger than most of the boys, so he managed to reach the finals! Although he lost all the games, he still got a price. Everyone who didn't become 1st or 2nd, became 3th! And he's so proud of it!!!

Gifts received and gifted

Hi all!

Finally some time to post some pics here! It's a busy time these last few days before summer-vacation. Tomorrow is the last schoolday for DS! And than we have 6 weeks without the alarm ringing in the morning! Whoohoo!
It's been a while since my last post and I have a lot to show you. First of all, my Teatime mailart for the Stitchedmailart-group. I've made this teacozy for Marie-Antoinette, and filled it with tea-goodies. She told me she really likes it!
On the Dutch "Borduurhoekje"-group we had a Summer-exchange. We could make each other anything, as long it had something to do with Summer. So I made my friend Jacqueline this wallhanging.
And Amarins made me this great set of towel and washcloth, along with some wonderful goodies.
Yesterday was my mother's 60st Birthday. We had a great day in Kalenberg, Weerribben ("Dutch Venice"). I had no idea what I should give her, untill she was in our house last Saturday. She totally fell in love with my la…

Summer Bourse

Pffff.... such a relieve! Isabelle sent me an email that she received my Summer edition of the Seasonal Exchange. I already started to get worried... Chart: The Gift of Stitching Magazine nr. 16 May 2007 "A Quaker Seasonal" Fabric: 28 ct. Handdyed Jobelan (by my friend Jacqueline B.)
Silk: Vicky Clayton's "Golden Nectarine" and DMC
Stitched 1 over 1 I finished it as a "Bourse". It was my first bourse and it turned out rather well, I think... BTW.... The photo's on Isabelle's blog are much prettier! Next time I'll cover my cutting-mat... ;) Somehow, I can't add a title above this blog.... Blogger is not very cooperative! Thank you for stopping by! Hugs, Simone

Merlin, Mailart, Babies and Red Thread

Boy, do I have a lot to show you!
First of all these cute babies. I've received them as the July-package from the package of the month-club from Atelier Bep. They were quickly finished and now living in my stitching room! Aren't they cute?

Heard from Bianca that she received my mailart in her new home in Assen. It's for the summer-mailart exchange from "Borduurhoekje". Because of her new house I stitched her a Beach-cottage.And finally.... I can show some progress on HAED's Merlin & Arthur again! Because of all the exchanges and other WIP's, I didn't work on it for a long time. But I'm determined to finish a whole page this time! To see the progress click here.And this is my newest WIP: Bent Creeks "Red Thread-snapper serie". I've finished the first block of it. I've decided that it's going with me on vacation! It so much fun to stitch this one!

Thank you all for visiting my blog.

Hugs, Simone


This morning I received this wonderful Summer-mailart from Iris! Brought a lot of sunshine to a very wet day!!! I love the bright colors and the flip-flops on the envelope. Iris also made me a fitting card, a keyring and she included a LOT of charms! Thank you so much Iris!

Lavender wallhanging

Last sunday I went to Bep from Atelier Bep with my friend Jacqueline. We receive each month a "package-of-the-month" from Bep, and sunday she organised a "package-clubmembers-day" at her house. Bep is such a sweet person. She has a wonderful house and such a pretty garden! I really loved her kitchen. It was Hudge!!! She baked us great scones, made tomato-soup for us, served cherries with the tea... I received this photo from one of the other participants. I'm the second one from the left (black shirt, glasses), Jacqueline is next to me in pink. We received our new package for July, but we also got the materials for a little Lavender wallhanging! Ofcourse we started it right away and yesterday evening I finished it. I have a lot of lavender in my garden, so this is a great way to show it!