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Floss from Nancy

I did another order of floss at Nancy's. I'm using her red's all the time! (You see, I'm still a red-person ;) ) And I noticed that she also has a very nice set of browns. The order was here in only four days!
The colors are wonderful as always. Makes me want to play with them ;)I'm going to use the brown that's most on the right and the faded red that's most on the left for "Home is where you hang your needlework" from Homespun Elegance.
Hope to start it soon...Have a nice weekend! Hugs, Simone

First blocks Autumn quilt

I've collected all kind of Autum fabrics and going to make an Autumn quilt out of it. This afternoon I've made the first three Maple Leaf blocks.Only 60 more to go, or so.....

Hen Party

I've just added the last stitches to LHN's Hen Party and I think it's a great design! I'm not sure what I should do for the finishing... Maybe I'll do it in a little wooden tray.
Design: Hen Party - Little House Needleworks
Fabric: 32 ct. Linen Sand
Floss: DMC, GAST and Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.

Chicken and Kimono

This afternoon I framed this stitchery in a Chicken "frame". I had the frame already hanging in my house for a while, but it was still empty. And now it has a chicken in its belly! I bought the frame here once.
Design: Leanne's HouseOne of the ladies of my quilting bee had this fun pattern for a Kimono. It's very easy to make. It's mainly a folding trick! Silvia's DH made the small hanger for it. Isn't he a darling?Hugs, Simone

Mega quilt to be...

Ik zal eens vertellen waarom ik ineens begonnen ben met orientaalse blauw/witte stofjes te verzamelen (terwijl ik altijd alles rood heb!).
Ongeveer 10 jaar geleden zijn we op vakantie geweest naar Sri Lanka. Daar hebben we de Batik van Ganesha gekocht en ook de wikkelrok met de olifanten (ook batik). Ganesha was ingelijst, maar zonder glas ervoor en ook nog eens opgeplakt... :( en was erg vies geworden. Dus een tijdje geleden heb ik hem uit z'n lijst gesloopt en gewassen en gelukkig is het weer helemaal goed gekomen met hem.
Maar nu is dus langzaam het idee ontstaan om Ganesha in een quilt te gaan verwerken... En wel een Mega quilt voor op ons bed! De stof van de rok kan ik daar ook mooi in verwerken dacht ik. Maar ja, dan moet er nog steeds heel veel stof bij! Dus vandaar dat ik gisteren op de handwerkbeurs de eerste "blauwtjes" heb aangeschaft. Voorlopig moet ik nog héél lang stofjes verzamelen, dus de komende paar jaar moet ons bed het nog zonder quilt doen. Ik heb ook …

Handwerkbeurs / Craft market

Vandaag naar de Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle geweest met Silvia. Natuurlijk weer veel te veel geld uitgegeven... Hier is m'n buit van een dagje beurs:Today I went to a craftmarket. Ofcourse I spent way to much money... Here's what I came home with:De blauw-witte stofjes zijn het begin van een mega-quilt voor op ons bed, de lichte stofjes voor Stitcheries, Tilda stofjes voor de heb, 2 kleine borduurpatroontjes, franse kantjes en bandjes, knoopjes en een patroontje voor vogelhuisjes-eierwarmers.The blue/white fabrics are for a Hudge quilt for our bed, that I'll going to make one day, ecru fabric for stitcheries, Tilda fabrics just for fun, 2 small charts, French lace and ribbon, buttons and a pattern for birdhouse- eggwarmers.Om 2 uur deed ik nog even mee aan een spelletje bij Crown Stitches. Iedere deelneemster begon met 3 strengen DCM. Door te dobbelen moest je die strengen naar rechts of links doorgeven, of in het midden gooien. Als je alle strengen kwijt was, was je af. Laat …

RR Chantal and Birthday exchange Nic

Yesterday I finished the stitching on Chantal's RR! It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be... Chantal wanted a Stitching Devil by EMS on her RR, and I chose the little devil with thimble.And here's the complete RR so far:I also heard from Nic that she received my Birthday exchange for her 40th birthday! I was a bit late with sending, but it was still in time. I only have a pic of the stitched part:
Design: Stitching Necessaire - Homespun Elegance
Fabric: 28 ct Cashel Linen
Floss: WDW Bark and Onyx
Finish: Stitching Necessaire.
Hugs, Simone

Big Bro has a little Sis

The big hare now has a little sister.Isn't she cute???I usely don't like pink, but I love the combination with brown. And the inside of her ears and her feet are flanel, so she's very soft and cuddly!Hugs, Simone

Christmas ornament february

When I finished the stitching of this ornament I wasn't very proud of myself... Because it's so tiny and very simple!
But now that it's finished into a ornament, I think it's kind of cute!
Design: freebee DMC
Floss: GAST
Fabric: 25 ct. Sand linen
Finish: ornament
Hugs, Simone

Spring greetings

I had to make a return gift for Taija, for the crazy exchange. Because she sent me this wonderful exchange a while ago. So I made this stitchery......and turned it into a stitchers pocket.Here's the inside:I'm glad she liked it!Hugs, Simone


It was a very rainy day today, so it was a good day for stitching and sewing! I've made this cute hare from Atelier Bep:Her little sister is here in little pieces, so hopefully I can finish her somewhere next week.Hugs, Simone

Floss tag exchange

We had a floss tag exchange on our Dutch Borduurhoekje group. I received this wonderful floss tag from Mathilda:And here's the one I made for Diana:
Design: Hodgepodge Hearts by Heart in Hand
Fabric: 28 ct. Cashel linen Bo Peep Pink
Floss: GAST
Finish: floss tag.
Hugs, Simone

Isa V. SAL

I finally stitched a little on Isa Vautiers "Grand Marquoir". I've done the first three blocks. They stitched great!Here are some close ups:I didn't want to stop, but I first have to stitch an EMS Stitch Devil on Chantal's RR... :(This morning I had a wonderful surprise in my mail!!! I received this lovely baghanger / keyring from Sweet Cindy.I saw on Cindy's blog that she made these hangers for her daughter and friends. And told Cindy that my new "pimped" bag could use a hanger like that ;) Of course that was a joke, but Cindy was so sweet to make a hanger for my bag too! Thank you so much, dear Cindy!!! It looks great on my bag!Hugs, Simone


I've won a few charm packs on Ebay recently, and they came in today's mail! They're even better in real, than they were in the pictures!These are the detailed pictures of the fabrics:

Now, I just have to figure out, what I should make of it... But I have some ideas for that already!

Hugs, Simone

Friendship Sampler RR

I've joined a group of stitchers for another RR. We're going to stitch the Carriage House Friendship Sampler. The first send date will be end of February.
I finished the stitching for my own RR:

I'm using a 36 ct. Sand linen and I chose to do all of my hearts in different reds. I've used 1 strand Belle Soie "Cranberry" silk for the dark red and an unknown kind of silk (a gift from someone, with no label on it. But I like it a lot!) for the lighter one.
I think this will be lots of fun!

Hugs, Simone


Nog maar een paar dagen oud....En vandaag wordt Tijmen alweer 8!!!Wat wordt ie groot hè...En hier nog een foto van de Dino-soesjes taart.Tijmen (DS) is already 8 years old today!!! Time flies... The last pic is from the birthday cake I made him.Hugs, Simone

Snowmen & Reindeer part 1

I've started a monthly club from Bird Brain Designs; the Snowmen & Reindeer Bluework quilt (S&RBQ). And here's my first block:Now you're probaly wondering where the blue is??? Well, I decided to do it in some warm colors. But I think I'm going to use a little blue for the snowmen in the next blocks. Than I can also use the blue buttons that come with the patterns.Hugs, Simone (tired after a whole day of friends & family for DS' birthday)