Whoohoo! My "Red Thread" is already back from the framer!!! I'm so happy with the result! DH was so kind to put a screw in the wall of my toilet, right away. So now I'm enjoying it with every toilet-visit ;)


Janaina zei…
What a lovely lovely piece! The light really works with that!Now, I bet you have really good reasons to visit your bathroom!:o)
Birgit zei…
Mooi! En het lijkt of je een voortuitziende blik hebt gehad met je lampjes. Mooi uitgelicht.
Milly~ zei…
This turned out beautiful Simone.
Nelapx zei…
traduce for you
A wooden box has come to my is beautiful ... My exchange SBEBB TeaTime comes from Netherlands .... A pretty box to store tea bags (not had, since I keep in cans) ... Indeed Simone, writing this note I am taking a cup of tea that you sent me, Winter Glow taste, and smell divine and known species spectacular ... Simone has finish a beautiful box and sent me wonderful gifts and a beautiful postcard ... I love PostCard, in his note to me writes Simone says that the design is part of a free a Dutch designer, I was delighted ... Everything is beautiful, and besides, I have received thousands of things including a design JBW (which I will hide before Lolo see it .. jijiji because she is addicted to this designer .. silence, not say anything ...) a design by San Man, some Charms charming tea .. A teapot staff which is brilliant in the shape of an elephant with its saucer, a postcard, and tea, ........ THANKS SIMONE.
staci zei…
Congrats on the wonderful finish!
Rebekka zei…
Congratulations on a lovely finish. I would love to stitch this design also. Are you interested in trading or selling the charts for this design? I am from Germany, and moved to the USA 15 years ago, and met my husband 3 years later, so I always felt the quote on the bottom of this design was very telling of how my husband and I were born worlds apart, but were destined to meet in the end. I didn't even speak English until I moved to the States, just the little bit I learned in school.

I've been wanting to post a comment about the hand-dyed threads you bought from Nancy....aren't they gorgeous? Have you had a chance to stitch anything with them yet? I also purchased some, and they stitch up really lovely. The price is really great, too! :)

I adore all of your stitching. Keep up the good work. Just let me know about the "Red Thread" charts, ok?

Have a great weekend!


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