I don't want to set goals for 2009, but of course I do have some plans! I decided to do a lot less exchanges this year. I had over 60 finishes in 2008! And most of them were exchanges. I still like to send and receive presents from all over the world, so I'll do an exchange occasionally. I see a lot of people cutting down in exchanges... Becky is closing down her exchange groups and there are appearing all kind of SAL's and ME stitching groups. Maybe because of the financial crisis?
Because of all the exchanges, I hardly stitched on any of my WIP's. So I'm definitely going to stitch more on them. Merlin is calling me already ;)
I'm joining a Christmas Ornament SAL, so I'll try to stitch an ornament each month. And I'm planning to join Isa Vautiers SAL. I want to make separate blocks of it, and turn them into a quilt.
The Dutch RR I'm in, is also still going on in 2009.

I also have plans concerning patchwork and quilting. I've collected Autumn fabrics and going to make an Autumn leaf quilt out of them. I'm also planning on making a ragtime quilt for DS. I'm still collecting old jeans for that one ;)
I also joined a club "Snowman & Reindeer Bluework Stitcherie club, Bird Brain Designs". But I'm going to make it in red, I think.
And I want to make a quilt for our bed (so that's going to be hudge!). I have a blue/white batik that we bought in Sri Lanka years ago. That batik must become the center piece of the quilt. So I going to collect a lot of blue/white fabrics first...

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve! Be careful with the fireworks and don't drink to much champagne ;)

I'm wishing you a good, healthy and creative 2009!

Hugs, Simone


Jill zei…
Hi Simone!
Happy New Year to you. It seems like this is the year for less exchange for most people. Thank you for sharing the Isa Vautier SAL you are going to do. I love that piece! I just happen to be going to my LNS on Friday. I might have to buy a hunk of fabric for this. The only problem is deciding what color of floss to use. I usually am not a big red fan but 815 is not real red. I will have to ponder this. Have a great day!
Dear Simone, What an amazing amount of beautiful stitching you've done this (nearly) past year. I'm in awe!! I wish you all the best in stitching and life in 2009, and hope you have a wonderful winter, too! Hugs, Deb
staci zei…
Thanks Simone for the IsaV SAL link...not sure if I'll join the SAL, but the piece is really gorgeous.

Happy New Year!
Claudia zei…
Happy 2009, my friend! May the new year be full of what you wish!!!

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