I love TNT!

Today the mailwoman brought me some nice things again (I probably should invest in TNT... But then again; I could better by more stash!)
First of all my belated birthday-present from my parents!
I bought this ring online from a dutch magazine called "Libelle". I ordered it a while ago, and now it finally arrived! The ring is silver with a moonstone on it.

When I took this picture from my hand with the new ring, I remembered I've never showed the present I've got from DH and DS! They gave me this great Pandora bracelet for my birthday! I already have a necklace of it and it's so much fun to collect all the little charms.

I also had another package with stash. Yesterday I ordered Bent Creeks new Red Thread-serie at Crown Stitches. And it already arrived today!Liezbeth (the shop-owner) has been so sweet... Although the original pattern was sold out, she send me the package with a copy of the chart. Same with one of the threads. I received an used skein and later I will receive the original chart and a new skein of floss. Isn't that wonderful?


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