22 mei 2007

Monochromatic Exchange from Outi

Today the mailman had another surprise for me... The monochromatic exchange from Outi! She stitched me a very pretty Quaker-strawberry in my favourite color blue, on a pale green linen.

There were also 2 shades of DMC variegated and some nice beads in blue.

Thank you Outi, for the pressies!

4 opmerkingen:

Iris zei

Looks wonderful !!

Annemarie zei

Hi Simone, and thanks for helping me choosing a colour for my gift. I can see where you get your inspiration from. This gift you've received is utterly gorgeous!
Loved browsing your blog!

Carol zei

Your exchange from Outi is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

tkdchick zei

Beautiful exchnage!