22 mei 2007

Peacock Stitching Chair finished

It was a struggle to get there, but the Peacock Stitching Chair from The Cat Whiskers is finished! Not exactly the way it should be (the drawer doesn't open very smooth, it's not standing straight on his feet, I've had to put a stone in the drawer otherwise the chair falls....), but it looks good in the pictures, doesn't it?

I've stitched it on 32 ct. cream Lugana, with TG Silk 'n Colors "Wood Smoke" and DMC 4140. For the ribbons I chose VC Silk Ribbon "Chine".

10 opmerkingen:

Kristina zei

Looks fabulous, glad to see I'm not the only one doing it in a different colour :)

ClaireEJ zei

Ooh, it looks sooo cute! Congrats. Not sure what colours I'll be using for mine, possibly a Dinky Dyes mixed colour. It does look adorable, Simone, even with the wonky drawer :)

Terry zei

Its turned out really well and I like your choice of colours, I have not started mine yet but will be going with the same colour combination as the pattern as I like purples etc.

Will keep a look out when making mine to try and not have a wonky draw (lol) but then it makes it something unique :)

Karen zei

It looks wonderful! Those are great colors you chose! I am just not brave enough for this kind of project. Not yet, anyway :)

Iris zei

Turned out fabulous !!! I like it !!!

The Dragon zei

It looks wonderful and you should be very proud of yourself!

cathymk zei

Gorgeous, just gorgeous!! Congratulations Simone!

tkdchick zei

Well, its a stunner despite that you had to weigh it down!

Lavender Rose zei

The colors of your chair are so handsome!! I love the look of it. I can truly see this in an old manor house in New England, Simone...:))...also with a stone to hold it up!! But, beautiful, still!

Patti zei

Sorry I'm so late in posting but I have only just found your blog which I really love and your chair is to die for and I shall now buy it and do it eventually - maybe by Christmas. Congratulations it is really gorgeous.