21 mei 2007

Secret Santa

Third post in two days! It seems I really have to tell you a lot... ;)

The past week I was working on Secret Santa of Lavender and Lace. And the Christmastree is finished now (except for the beads). Now that I stitched a larger piece of the tree, I love the way it works out on the fabric!

You can see the progress I made here.

I'm already looking forward to the next time it's Secret Santa's turn in the rotation. Then I can work on the cozy Santa and his pretty purple chair! But first I'm going to stitch some mailarts now.

2 opmerkingen:

ClaireEJ zei

The tree looks wonderful on the opalescent green fabric...lovely work! Looking forward to seeing more of this lovely piece,

tkdchick zei

What a stunning tree! Looks great!