Soed idee?

After almost a year of struggling with my active24-blog, I've finally made the decision to move over to Blogger. The other blog was very user-unfriendly and I couldn't do the things with it, I want to. So a new blog is born...

But why is it called "Soed idee!"? It's kind of a inside-joke in our family... DS had some problems speaking and he couldn't pronounce the "G" correct. So instead he says a "S". "Goed idee"!" means "Good idea!" Or the way DS used to say it "Sood idea!" So whenever we think something is a good idea, we still shout "Soed idee!" And I thought this blog is a good idea also... :)


Lavender Rose zei…
Soooo cute!! I love your new is light and airy! Good work on setting it up! Hugs, Deb

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