Less active...

Today I went to see a physical therapist, because I'm having a headache for more than a week. It seems to come from my neck...
So the therapist told me to cut down on my computer-time and stitching-time a little. Fortunatly I can keep stitching but I have to take more breaks in between.
I will update my blog however and try to keep up with all the blogs of my stitching-friends!


Karen zei…
Good luck getting your neck fixed; I have chronic neck aches and associated head aches, too, which my chiropractor has to fix for me every so often! I'll try to check your blog a little more often, so I don't miss anything!

Feel Better!!

Karen R in GA
Vonna zei…
Hello Simone :)
I want to thank you so much for your sweet words left on my Daughter's blog :) She's over the moon!
Your pirates of the carribean looks wonderful :) So cute!
I do hope your headache gets better soon :)
Good luck :)
JOT zei…
I hope things improve for you quickly! At least you can still stitch, if not as much.

I enjoy watching your stitching progress.
Lavender Rose zei…
Take care, dear Simone. We want you to be stitching...but not at the risk of pain!! :))
Dawn zei…
I hope you feel better soon:)
Cindy zei…
Do take a good rest,Simone.
We have this sayings in chinese: "Take a good break/rest, so that one could travel longer Journey" :) Take care..

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