RAK from Mel and heart-box

Today I had this RAK in the mail from Mel (Goth-tigger)! Isn't that sweet? She sent me a nice postcard with 2 strands of Six Strand Sweets in my favorite colors. The blue one is "Blueberry Pie", the beige is "Cappucino". Sounds jummy to me: a cup of cappucino with a piece of blueberry pie! :)
Mel, thank you so much! You brought a little sunshine to a very rainy day!

Because of all the rain I've decided to make a kartonnage-box. I've had the materials for a long time in my stash... It's not completely perfect, but I'm still happy with it! It's a nice box for my ribbons and laces...

I'm currently stitching on the last exchange for a while and than back to my WIP's! Wondering which WIP I shall start with... Suggestions (requests ;) ) anyone?


Nice rak and I love the box ;)
Iris zei…
Your box is great !!
Karen zei…
WooHoo! Pretties from Mel! Gorgeous! And the box is very lovely! You are so creative!
Dawn zei…
The RAK is wonderful! Your heart box turned out beautifully!
Lavender Rose zei…
Wasn't that RAK sweet!!?? I know how you feel getting an unexpected gift like that! Your WIP: hmmmm... I really like the "Christmas Village" one. Have you started it? You might have it ready by this Christmas, if you do!
Hugs, rrom your friend,

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