19 juni 2007

Stitching/sewing album

I've bought a package to make this sewing album, a while ago. And I finally took the time to put it together. I've added a little of my own creativity and I'm really happy the way it turns out!

I'm doing a lot of stitching at the moment, but I can't show anything yet. They're all "FBI-projects" for several exchanges (see the list in my sidebar). But I'm working ahead, so in a while I have a lot of time for my WIP's again!

4 opmerkingen:

Iris zei

WOW Simone, wonderful !!!

Carol zei

Oh Simone, that is simply gorgeous! I love the colors!

Itching To Stitch zei

Oh, I love this needlebook, you did a beautiful job. Your stitching and quilting are beautiful ;)

Cindy zei

Your sewing album is beautifu!