Lavender wallhanging

Last sunday I went to Bep from Atelier Bep with my friend Jacqueline. We receive each month a "package-of-the-month" from Bep, and sunday she organised a "package-clubmembers-day" at her house. Bep is such a sweet person. She has a wonderful house and such a pretty garden! I really loved her kitchen. It was Hudge!!! She baked us great scones, made tomato-soup for us, served cherries with the tea... I received this photo from one of the other participants. I'm the second one from the left (black shirt, glasses), Jacqueline is next to me in pink.
We received our new package for July, but we also got the materials for a little Lavender wallhanging! Ofcourse we started it right away and yesterday evening I finished it.
I have a lot of lavender in my garden, so this is a great way to show it!


Karen en Marc zei…
Ik ben verliefd op de lavendel. Echt super mooi en zal supergoed ruiken ook. Hopelijk is je neusje snel genezen.
Iris zei…
The wallhanger is wonderful !!
Lavender Rose zei…
Such a pretty little wall-hanger, Simone! I love that idea as a summer stitching tea! Yours is so pretty!

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