Merlin, Mailart, Babies and Red Thread

Boy, do I have a lot to show you!
First of all these cute babies. I've received them as the July-package from the package of the month-club from Atelier Bep. They were quickly finished and now living in my stitching room! Aren't they cute?

Heard from Bianca that she received my mailart in her new home in Assen. It's for the summer-mailart exchange from "Borduurhoekje". Because of her new house I stitched her a Beach-cottage.And finally.... I can show some progress on HAED's Merlin & Arthur again! Because of all the exchanges and other WIP's, I didn't work on it for a long time. But I'm determined to finish a whole page this time! To see the progress click here.

And this is my newest WIP: Bent Creeks "Red Thread-snapper serie". I've finished the first block of it. I've decided that it's going with me on vacation! It so much fun to stitch this one!

Thank you all for visiting my blog.

Hugs, Simone


Kitt zei…
Merlin and Arthur is moving along Simone!
Great job!
Karen zei…
Great stuff, Simone - I love the beach mail art! Well done on Merlin - I love to watch your progress on this one (so I don't have to stitch it, too :) )
Judith zei…
Great progress Simone. The mailart and babies look great and also the red thread is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing more from them.

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