Stitching update

I'm home for a few days now, since our vacation and I think it's about time I start blogging again!

My father has painted our living-room during our vacation, so when we came home I had to clean everything, wash the curtains, re-arrange the furniture etc. So I think I need another vacation... ;)

Before we left, I stitched a little on Victoria Samplers Christmas Village. You can see my progress here.

Ofcourse I brought my stitchings with me to Italy, so I show you what I've done there.

First of all this little house. A few weeks before our vacation I saw this blog, and decided it would be a perfect project to bring along! So I did...

Fabric: 28 ct. Quaker linen "Golden Tan"
Floss: DMC
I stitched my Harvest House for the SBEBB-exchange, but I can show it yet. Also have to decide how I gonna finish it.
I also brought Bent Creek's Red Thread with me. But I ran out of floss so I couldn't finish the border.... You can see the progress here.

And than we came home....
And I found this exciting big envelopes between all the other mail!

The first one was from Nancy. It was the matrass pincushion for the SBEBB-exchange! She did a great job for her first matrass! She also spoiled me with a cute little kalender (with quilts!), some quilting fabric, DMC floss and some ribbon. Nancy, thank you so much for this great exchange!

The second envelop was from Cathy B. It contains the first season (Summer) for the Seasonal Exchange! Cathy stitched me a wonderful bellpull, which I really like! She also sent me great goodies a tin of chocolates (which DS ate already!), a tin of peppermints and two charts of Little House Needleworks. One from my wishlist and the other one alse includes Crescent Colour-threads. Cathy, thank you for this wonderful summer-exchange! I'm looking forward to Autumn already ;)

I also wanted to show something which is not stitching-related. I didn't find any LNS's during my vacation... But in Oberammergau is this GREAT Christmas shop from Käthe Wohlfhart and DH let me go loose over there! Here is what I've bought there:

So, I had a great vacation, but I'm also glad to be back home again. I've over 450 unread blogs in my blogreader... So I think I have to use the delete-button. Sorry, about that!

Thank you for reading this loooong update!

Hugs, Simone


Susimac zei…
What great exchanges to receive. Sounds like you had a lovely holiday too.
Karen zei…
Great stuff! Your exchanges are wonderful, adn that little house is so cute! And thank you for the lovely postcard from Italy! I want to see Italy someday, too! It was so nice of you to think of me while you were on vacation!
Carol zei…
What beautiful exchanges! I just found that blog recently too and plan to stitch the little dog house for a sweet little girl - yours is terriffic!
Sharon zei…
What gorgeous exchanges! Enjoy!
tkdchick zei…
What great exchanges to recive and tha thouse is too cool!
Dawn zei…
Great exhanges!
Leena zei…
The house is so pretty! You've been busy stitching during your vacation :) Great exchanges too.
Lavender Rose zei…
Fabulous things, Simone!! You really have some beautiful surprises after your trip. I love your Oberamergau shopping things, too! What a great summer you've had. And, the hope of Autumn is the first I've heard from anyone, so it's nice to hear from a friend such as you, Simone!
Mindi zei…
Glad you enjoyed your vacation. I love Oberammergau, I lived there for 3 years when I was a child.

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