31 augustus 2007

What's the buzz

Yesterday I also had my "What's the Buzz"-exchange from the SBEBB-group in my mailbox. I've got this lovely flatfold from Andrea! Isn't that the cutest???
She also send me great goodies! Floss, fabric, ribbon, cord, chart, quilt-fabric, note-books, chart. All in green/yellow shades or with Bee's on it.
Andrea thank you so much for this great exchange. I love the flatfold and I like the goodies a lot!

10 opmerkingen:

Leena zei

What a lovely exchange, the flatfold is so beautiful! The PIF gift from Judith is very pretty too, the colours are truly summerlike.

Susimac zei

Its a lovely exchange I love the flatfold.

BeckySC zei

BEEutiful exchange :) Enjoy :)

Lavender Rose zei

Oh, Simone, I love your new gifts! Aren't they just darling! Now I'm worried about my package...and whether it's getting to you. It's so much less important than these you've received, too. So, have no expectations!

Nelapx zei

Hermoso hermoso... felicidadesss

Andrea zei

Glad it arrived OK Simone and that you like it. I had great fun stitching this for you. Have received your email. :))

Dawn zei

Lovely exchange! The flatfold is beautiful:)

Mindi zei

Lovely exchange, the flatfold is gorgeous!

Sharon zei

Great exchange! It's lovely.

Lavender Rose zei

Great flatfold!! I love those bees...and the pink, too! You are the lucky one, Simone..