Afternoon of exchanges

I had a bit of exchange-stress.... I have so much exchanges going on at the moment, that I had to organise it a little.
DS had a birthday-party this afternoon, so I spend my time on the attic, where I have my stitching/stash-room.
I had to decide what to make for which exchange and then search for patterns, fabric, floss etc.
So now I have 4 new projects ready to start!
Yesterday someone told me something that gave me a lot of peace, and I found myself so stupid that I didn't thought of it myself... She pointed me to the fact that not all of the exchanges had to be stitched, but also could be some other crafting! WOW, what an eyeopener! Thanks for that Karen!

After I kitted up all the exchanges, I also finished the Harvest House exchange for the SBEBB. I had it stitched already during my vacation. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. So I hope my partner likes it also.

Sorry, no pictures yet! Just a little patience till all the exchanges have found their way to their new homes...

Hugs, Simone


Lavender Rose zei…
Oh, Simone, I know how you feel when you get "swamped" by so many obligations! Just take it one piece at a time, and all will get done. I get overwhelmed if I think of it all together! You do such excellent work. I agree with Karen that everything doesn't have to be a stitched thing, sometimes it's nice to get a "care" package.

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