Sheep pillow

A while ago I received this sheep, printed on linen, as a present with a Dutch lifestyle magazine Seasons. In the magazine were also ideas to use the sheep in a quilt, pillow, etc. I chose to make a pillow of it. I found some
wonderful pieces of linen on the fabric-market and the result is this pillow. I really like to natural look of it!

Sorry, today no pics of the garden.... Because of the pooring rain, the gardeners had to stop their work :(

Let's hope there's no rain tomorrow!

Hugs, Simone


Leena zei…
It's a beautiful pillow, congratulations! The fabric colours are really lovely.
jacq zei…
o hij is mooi!!! goed gedaan zeg!
Annemarie zei…
Oh, I've got two of these sheep lying about unused, but now that I've seen your gorgeous pillow, I feel a bout of inspiration coming on!
Simone zei…
It would be a pity not to use them! Otherwise I would be more than happy to give them a new home ;) I easily could make another pillow...
Judith zei…
He is lovely. Just send it here.

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