13 september 2007

Tea time

This morning the mailwoman delivered me this wonderful Teatime-mailart from
Charlotte! It's so pretty! I love the cute little tea-cup buttons, the silk
ribbon, and the design Charlotte stitched is just perfect. In the envelope
were a lot of goodies; a little piece of soap, marking pins, paper to stitch
on, some fibers.... I'm feeling special, to receive this presents from a
stitching-friend. Especially when you know that Charlotte has some problems
with her hand. It was very hard for her to stitch this!
But it was definitly worth the waiting.
Charlotte forgot to include the teabags... But that envelope also came
today, so it all came together after all!
Charlotte thank you so much for this lovely mailart!!!

Hugs, Simone

3 opmerkingen:

Dawn zei

Beautiful mail art! Yoou are a lucky girl:)

Nana's Quilts zei

Aren't you so lucky? Wonderful gifts. Glad you got your blog set up on here.

Annelies zei

I love getting this sort of packages. You've got wonderful gifts.