Workshop at Bep's

My friend Jacqueline organised a workshop for us at Atelier Bep last saturday. Bep haves the cutest shop you've ever seen in Doesburg!
When I came in, I started shopping immediatly ;) It's so hard to resist all those wonderful fabrics and other cute stuff.
This is where I came home with:
I chose the little christmas quilt to make in the workshop. We had too much fun, so I didn't come very far... All the red fabrics are for a quilt I'm planning to make somewhere in the near future.
Caroline and Helen made pictures during the workshop. So go see them in their blogs! In Helen's blog is also a picture with me on it (brown jacket, behind a sewing machine).
Bep and Jacqueline, thank you so much for this great day!


What fun! I wish I'd been there with you!

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