16 oktober 2007

Another exchange arrived

Mailed out on the same the day, to two different parts of the world, and still arrived on the same day! I even used the same fabrics for it ;)

I've made this "La PP" (la petite pochette) for the crazy-exchange for Carol. I saw La PP on this blog and although it's in French, it was easy to make. I think I'm going to make a lot more of them!

5 opmerkingen:

Cindy zei

This is so nice. Well done, Simone.

Btw, may I know what do you use this as? I saw something the same and it was used a book cover. :)

Carol zei

Thank you again Simone - I really love it!!! My return exchange for you will be posted tomorrow! I had something just perfect already and I only needed to do the finishing today ;-)

Judith zei

It is just beautifull.

Leena zei

Oh it's beautiful! You've done great job. The exchange for Cindy is such a beautie too. There are so many lovely photos in your blog all the time :) I just love the autumn exchange you've received and Do Bears? is looking wonderful.

BeckySC zei

What a great exchange you sent, Carol :)