20 oktober 2007

Does he looks happy or what?

8 opmerkingen:

Deborah/LavenderRose zei

Beautiful!!! I love the pillow and he does look delighted! LOL This was well worth your time and efforts. It's perfect.

Iris zei

He looks very happy !!!

Sally zei

He certainly does look happy!

Carol zei

Yes, your little one looks very, very excited and happy here! I would be too if I got that gorgeous pirate pillow! What a lucky boy... might he be a pirate for Halloween this year?

The Dragon zei

Wow stunning! and as a cushion more useful for a boys room (I am guessing it is washable!)

ClaireEJ zei

Great cushion. So cute too that it's almost bigger then your son :)

Froggie zei

Wow! What an awesome pirate pillow! I'm sure he'll TREASURE it for years to come!!!

Nic zei

He looks so pleased - and so he should be, the pirate ship is stunning!

He looks very like his dad too ;o)