Christmas ornament from Leena

Haha, my third post for today! There was more nice mail on the doormat this morning... I also received my Christmas ornament (for the Xmas ornie exchange) from Leena. She stitched me such a pretty ornament! It has an unusual color-combination, but - like you wrote Leena - I love it! This ornament is getting a good place in my tree (which I'm going to put in my living room this weekend) Leena also added some nice gifts: a piece of quilt fabric, a transparent blue ribbon, some Atalie-floss (my first one!) in "caramel" and a bar of chocolate, which I just ate!
Leena, thank you so much! I love your gifts!!!


Mindi zei…
Leena stitched a wonderful ornament!
Nana's Quilts zei…
What a stunning ornament. Uitstekend!

Hitomi zei…
Hi Simone,
Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments. I was so lucky become your patner:)
I've loved reading through yours and seeing your beautiful stitching. I'll definitely visite again!
Leena's ornament is lovely.
CresceNet zei…
Deze reactie is verwijderd door een blogbeheerder.
Leena zei…
Oh I'm happy you like it, I thought you might :) I enjoyed stitching it for you!
tkdchick zei…
That is an unsual and beautiful colour combination!

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