SBEBB Christmas Ornament from Chris

Today I received this gorgeous Christmas Ornament from Chris for the SBEBB-exchange! Chris even stitched SBEBB on the back of the ornament ;) The ornament got a place in the tree right away. Love the little bells attached to it. Chris also made me a wonderful Christmas card! And she sended me a great piece of linen, some ribbon, a skein of Carrie's Creation "Joy Noel" and a box of chocolates which DS ate right away.
Thank you Chris for this great exchange!!!


Stitcher zei…
I'm really glad you liked it, I enjoyed stitching this. I'm sorry it got squished in the post.
Hitomi zei…
gorgeous ornament! Lovely exchanges:)
tkdchick zei…
Oooh that's pretty. That skien of floss is too cool!
Janaina zei…
Lovely indeed!:o) Congratulations!
I have a question: What´s SBEBB?
Simone zei…
SBEBB is the Stitching Bloggers Exchange Bulletin Board. It's an exchange group, where I'm a member of.
Janaina zei…
Cool! Could you plz, send me an invite? I searched for the pag, but, I guess I am doing something wrong... I am just starting this blog thing...:o(

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