Last spring my friend Jacqueline started a Mysteriequilt on our Dutch
yahoogroup. She designed three different blocks and each 2 weeks who received a part of it. I found the third block a bit too complicated so I didn't make that one. But Jacqueline designed a different lay-out for me, so I could still make a quilt of it. Then I got busy with all kind of other projects and this one ended up in a drawer...
So one of my goals for 2008 is to finish the Mysteryquilt!
I'm now more than half way with the top, and I really like how it works out!

But... I found a mistake!!! When I saw this picture on the computer, I saw that something went wrong in one of the red blocks. Do you see it???? It's too much work to fix it, so I'm going to leave it this way. I think it's kind of funny such a beginners-mistake :)


Sisu zei…
I see the mistake Simone, but only after you said there was one. Before then I didn't notice it, so I say it is just fine. Pretty quilt.
Judith zei…
Amish people have always one mistake in a quilt.
Looks great by the way
Paula H zei…
I saw the mistake, but definitely only because you pointed it out, Simone. It's a beautiful quilt top all the same!
googlegold zei…
very good blog..useful for a hobby and entertaining too..u have hit upon the right theme..keep gong and have a great time

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