Hihi, when you read the title of this blog, it seems like some sort of secret language ;)
First of all, this weeks SBQ:

What was your favorite finish of 2007?

I think that would be the piratesship for my DS. It's my only BAP finish this year and DS loves it so much! Second best is my Stitching Chair from the Cat's Whiskers, because it was such a challenging project.

I just found out on Carol's blog, that the SBEBB is staying to exist!!! I'm so happy with that! I really enjoy to participate in all those exchanges. So I've already signed up for the new Teatime exchange. Cathy B., Vonna and Carol thank you for keeping the board open!!!


BeckySC zei…
Beautiful pieces, Simone :)
groetjes van ingrid h.g. zei…
Wat een gaaf stoeltje!

En die piraten,....kan me heel goed voorstellen dat DS er heel blij mee is!

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