07 februari 2008

Birthday exchange for Sandra

I received an email from Sandra, that she received my Birthday exchange for the Crazy-exchange group. I've made Sandra this Box:

Design: "Alphabet Tree" by Blue Ribbon Designs
Fabric: 28 ct. Jobelan Solo by Silkweaver
Floss: "Navy" by Carrie's Creations
Finish: box
Sandra was very happy with it!
Today I finally received my order from SB&B! I did some stash buying on their Christmas Sale. And after that I did several addition to my order, so it took a while to arrive. But it's home now!

The GAST and WDW threads are for "Shaker Village", which I will start soon now...

9 opmerkingen:

Mindi zei

What a beautiful box you made! The finishing on it is gorgeous.

tintocktap zei

What a finish! The box you made is really beautiful. Lucky Sandra.

jacq zei

hoi ik heb je getagt kijk maar eens op mijn blog, maar het is niet verplicht hoor

Judith zei

That is a nice finish. I am sure she likes it.

Carol R zei

Love the box Simone - great choice of fabric, floss and design. And on top of all this a great stash purchase!

Andrea zei

A beautiful finish on the box. Great stash too!

Dawn zei

That is a gorgeous box! Great job:)

Carol zei

What a sweet gift for Sandra :-)

BeckySC zei

OOOH, how lovely!! Great work, Simone :)