Tagged and awarded

From several of my stitching and blogging friends I received this Award: I feel honoured!!! But now comes the hard part... I have to give the Award to 10 other friends!
I decided that it's impossible :) I have over 100 feeds in my blogroll, and I enjoy every one of them! You are all such an inspiration to me and more than once you make me smile :))) So, you've all been Awarded by me!

Dear friend Jacqueline also decided to tag me. (Thanks a lot Jacq!).
That means I have to tell seven (odd) things about myself... I find it very hard, but I'll try.
1. I'm over-organised. So everything should be on it's own place, in the right order. Therefore I also keep an administration of my stash, are my fabrics sorted by color, etc.
2. I have a crush for the primitive country style.
3. I'm collecting birdhouses. I have several of them in my garden, a few small ones in my kitchen and toilet, and I collect cross stitch charts with birdhouses.
4. I don't like pastel colors
5. I hate smelly things like scented candles!
6. I buy my own presents (birthday, "Sinterklaas", christmas). That way I know for sure I get the things I really like ;) And DH find it very easy, because he hates shopping!
7. The only chocolate I like is extra dark.
Well, there you are! Now you know a little bit more of me. Don't know who I should tag, because a lot of you allready were tagged... So feel free, to tell something about yourself if you like that!


Ah ha!! Now I know more about you!! :) Hugs, Deb
Janaina zei…
Mmmm... Over-organized, uh? Planning a trip to the sunny lands of Brazil?! Plz?!:o)I could find a very good use for your skills here! I am Mrs. Mess Maker!Lol.

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