27 maart 2008

Bellpull and bobbins

I've finished "Shaker Village" into a belpull and it's now hanging in my corridor. I'm very happy with it!

In the Netherlands we have a website called "Marketplace". It's something like Ebay. And someone had a sewingbox for sale. It was an old, dirty, plastic box, but on the pic I saw all these wooden bobbins! So for only 2 euros I could pick it up, and it was a real treasure, I think! I've trowed the box away immediatly, but the bobbins are so cute...

5 opmerkingen:

Vonna zei

BEAUTIFUL Simone! Nicely done...I really like these houses and have never seen the pattern :)

Nic zei

Your bellpull is lovely, Simone!

And what a nice find with the bobbins, too. I'm lucky in that in my collection, I have a number from my late grandmother's workbox. They look pretty, but I do use the thread - it seems fitting, somehow.

Karen zei

Wow, that was quick finishing on the bellpull - it turned out wonderfully!!!!

I have some old wooden spools around the house somewhere; my sewing mchine cabinet drawers were full of them at one point, but I have lost them with the several long-distance moves over the years :(

Andrea zei

Beautiful bellpull. A great find too. I think I have some old reels from my late grandma like those.

Lennu zei

The bellpull is so beautiful and the banding perfect for the design! Great work :)