Not 1, not 2....

... but 3 exchanges received in today's mail!!! I think the mailplane from the US has landed, because the mailwoman brought me two packages this afternoon.

In the first box was this gorgeous Winterexchange from Cathy B. for the Seasonal Exchange group:

Cathy made me a very pretty cushion with a LHN-design (I think?) on it. I can see why she wanted to keep it for herself ;) And again she spoiled me big time with all these goodies! Chocolate, cappuccino, charts from my wishlist, a piece of handdyed linen, WDW floss (with coffee flavors;) ) Thanks a lot, Cathy!!!

Then there was this other box from Jill. And in there were 2 exchanges at the same time! Jill had my name for both the SBEBB Tea time exchange and for the HOE Biscornu exchange:

Jill really did her best to found out my likings. For the biscornu exchange she chose a birdhouse theme! The biscornu is so pretty, and I really like the red bird button. She also kitted up a Heart in Hand chart for me and it came all together in the zipper-bag.

For the Teatime exchange Jill made me a cute hanger with a Lizzie*Kate design on it. And look at the gorgeous Debbie Mumm teapot she sent me! And a cute teapot charm, a LHN chart from my wishlist, some DMC threads and of course some tea.

Thank you Jill, for all your generous gifts!


Jill zei…
I am so glad you like everything that I sent you. And, you have posted pictures in all of the appropriate places. This was my first time mailing so far away, I couldn't help but be a little worried. It was alot of fun putting these exchanges together for you. Enjoy!


P.S. I have enjoyed reading your blog!
Carol zei…
What a great day for you! All of the exchanges are gorgeous!! How neat that Jill had your name for both groups - I wonder if that has ever happened before? LOL
Cathy B zei…
Hi Simone - glad everything arrived safely and I'm so glad that you like the pillow. Yes, the design is from LHN.

I love everything that Jill sent to you too!
Janaina zei…
Loooove the cushion! Absolutely adorable! I am so so so so very jealous I cant sew!!!!:o(
What great exchanges, Simone! I love all the goodies you received. It's wonderful to get such mail!

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