Part 9 & 10 Red Thread

Last week I've stitched part 9 and 10 of Bent Creek's Red Thread serie. I received the buttons for the border also, so I added them right away. I really like this project!!! Problem is that I have to wait untill the next parts come, to finish it... I allready saw them on the net, and I want them NOW!!! But, since I'm doing this as a monthly club, I have to be patient....

These two drawers are the last parts of the LNS that my great-aunt use to own, over 30 years ago.... Unfortunatly I was to young to remember it. She closes the shop down because she became ill. And since the shop was part of her house, everything of the shop was removed. My uncle had a part of the shop's cupboard in his garage and kept screws and such, in it (what a shame!!!). I heard that he was cleaning out, and asked him about the DMC-drawers, but I was already too late... These two drawers were the only one that could be saved :(

So I cleaned them and now I use them for some of my floss stash. I really like the little DMC-stickers that are still on the drawers!!!


Nancy zei…
This is a very cool piece. I love the saying. I think now that I see it almost done, someone else was just stitching the boxes and trim. How lovely you have at least a box from your Aunt's store. That's so special.
Carol R zei…
Great drawers Simone! How nice to have something not only to put your threads in but personal memories too.

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