25 maart 2008

White Eastern!

We had snow for Eastern!!! Ofcourse Eastern was very early this year, but besides that, it was way to cold! Last year we had summer-weather with Eastern...

My birdhouse collection looks wonderful covered in snow, don't they?

Saturday evening I finished Fanci That's "Shakers Village"! Still have to finish it into a belpull, but I'm very happy with it. This was on my wishlist for quit a while. I received it from Cathy B. with the Autumn exchange! And I ordered the threads right away. It stitched very quickly, so it's already finished!

Design: "Shaker Village" from Fanci That
Fabric: 28 ct. Linen Band
Floss: GAST and WDW
Finish: Belpull

We were celebrating Eastern at my parents house and my mother gave me this:

I've got this little green sewing machine as a little girl. It doesn't work anymore, because I stitched backwards with it, all the time ;) Around the same time, my grandmothers sister bought the white Bernina. Fortunatly that still works fine! The green toy machine does look great for decoration though!

I hope my exchanges are going to arrive this week... There are still some in the mail to Brasil, Venezuela and Austriala. Keeping my fingers crossed!

5 opmerkingen:

ClaireEJ zei

Shaker Village is lovely! Congrats on the finish.
So much snow! We had lots of it falling but very little settled here.

Nana's Quilts zei

Oh, I love your green machine. It is just so special. We did not have snow for Easter here (Washington state) but it did rain and rain and rain. But I can see that spring is coming - the flowers are all starting. My narcis are blooming and the tulpen have leaves and buds.
Happy Lente.

Carol R zei

What a cute little green machine,
Love your Shaker Village - not seen it before.
We had a smattering of snow over Easter but also gale force and very icy winds - I was glad to stay home.

Anoniem zei

Hi, Congrats on your finish. i love your little green sewing machine.Its so cute.Do Bears is also a very nice sampler.

Janaina zei

Hooooold on a sec! Have you said Brasil?! Have you?! Have you?! Oh my! I am excited now! But... er... can you tell?! Hahahahahahaaha:o)