Rainy day in Vaassen

Janaina of the Crazy exchange group asked us, to make pictures of the village we live in. So here are some pics of Vaassen...

This windmill is in the center of our little village.

I had to mail out something ;)

The church.

My favourite flowershop.

Our Icecream provider with the most yummie icecream!

Castle the Cannenburgh

They are renovating the castle's park, so it's kind of a mess here.

In my car, driving home. At the right is the forest that belongs to the castle.

Statue of Big bear and Little bear, in someone's garden. It's made during a wood carving contest, that was in Vaassen last Autumn.

Continuing my way home...

Here's the beginning of my street. A little further on the left is my house.

And here is our home!

And this is our street. It's very quiet!

The frontdoor.

My car and the door to the backgarden.

Bought the chicken knocker and the plate in France.

The backyard.

The backside of our house.

Our kitchendoor.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour through my village!


Janaina zei…
I did! I did! I did enjoy the tour!:o) What gorgeous place you live at! It´s a tiny spot of heaven!I can feel the silence from your street from here! No need to say anything: I am coming for a visit!Fear nothing! I will be glad to stay at the dog's house!!!!!! :D
Nic zei…
Thanks for the tour! I enjoyed seeing where you live, as I never got to see much when I came over to Apeldoorn.
Nelapx zei…
Carol R zei…
What a lovely town you live in Simone and such a beautiful house too.
Karen zei…
I missed this post - I love seeing where you live!!! When I went to Amsterdam from England, I didn't see a single windmill - I fell asleep on the train to and from the ferry :( I love your house and backyard - you have great windows! Thanks for the tour!!

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