27 mei 2008

Chickenrun make-over

DH has a new job and he got this present from his old colleagues as farewell gift:

3 beautifull white chickens and a chicken run!

But the chichens were a bit too big for the run. So after a weekend of building and painting, their house is now looking like this:

Much better isn't it?

We hope they will lay eggs for us as their thanks!

3 opmerkingen:

Susimac zei

I love chickens I wish we could keep some, I love your run!

Janaina zei

Ohhh somebody is going to have fresh eggs very soon! =)
Very nice job on the run!

Elza zei

Schttig die kippetjes en een mooi huisje hoor met ren.
Ik wil ook heel graag kippetjes maar ik denk dat onze poesjes dat niet zo super vinden.