20 mei 2008

Pics of La France

DS and my Mom

17th Century buildings on the camping

DS and his new friends

On Martin's deck

DS playing soccer

Finally some stitching!

Hurray! My Birthday!

French cakes

Present from my parents. Pandora beads.

Birthday party

DS and Gizmo (my brother's cat)

My parents.

My brother and SIL

Gizmo is the sweetest cat I've ever hugged!!!

4 opmerkingen:

pascale zei

wat zijn vakantie en verjaardag geschenken toch zalig,zou er alle dagen kunnen van genieten.

Bianca zei

It certainly looks like you had a great vacation! You made some nice photos, they bring a feeling of vacation to your readers, thanks for that ;).


Janaina zei

Oh my Godness! Awesome pics! So nice to see you again!=)
I am just in love with your hair cut and color! Suits you so nice!
Questions: what are pandora beads?Is that fabric you are stitching the one I sent you?=)May I come along with you guys next year???!!!! Plz, say yes! Lol =D

Carol R zei

Lovely photos - thanks for sharing