03 juni 2008

More exchanges (and stash) received

It was a good mail day again ;) Today my return exchange from Janaina for the Crazy exchange came.

Janaina made me this beautiful Biscornu! She already knew I like it, because she tested me ;) She already showed pics of it in her blog! Of course the other goodies were a surprise, and I love them all. Thanks Janaina!!! And get well soon!

Today the mailman also brought me another order from Nancy. I don't know what got into US Mail, because they are so fast lately! I ordered this on friday!

Look at all the wonderful colors! These skeins are so big... I just can't stop playing with them ;)

I also heard from Edgar that he has received my HOE freebee exchange. I've made him this little box:

Design: part of "Quaker a 6 mains" de A mon Ami Pierre
Fabric: 32 ct. Belfast "Rue Green"
Floss: TG Silk 'n Colors "Finnigan's Fog" SNC 083
Finish: Box top

But what a disaster! Please take a look in Edgar's blog and see what has happened with the box... It was totally crushed :(

But I think Edgar did a great job with the stitched piece to turn it into a "Pyn Keepe"!

5 opmerkingen:

monique zei

What a wonferful exchange you received and send out.
What a pity of the disaster!

Carol R zei

Lovely exchange from Janaina.
Beautiful box you made for Edgar and such a shame it didn't survive the jourmey. I saw on Edgar's blog and he did a good rescue job.

croixnours zei

bravo pour ton blog de tres belle choses

staci zei

Wonderful terrible that your wonderful box was crushed!

Andrea zei

Wonderful exchanges.