A RAK and some "necessities"

Yesterday I came home real tired, after my DS's schooltrip, to find two big envelopes on my doorstep. The first one was a RAK from Maggee! Look at this!

Maggee sent me a chart from my wishlist, together with most of the needed floss. Isn't that wonderful? Especially when you don't expect anything!

In the other envelope were some parts that I need to make more sheep - pinpillows. I think Sietje can use a little company ;)

Today I had another package in the mail (I'm starting to develop a relation with the mailman!), with another order. I did some searching on the web, and finally found an online store, where I can order pins for the pinkeeps! So here's my order:

That's a lot of pinkeeps!!!


Nic zei…
Great mail!

Thanks for the link to the pin supplier - it's now saved in my bookmarks!
Daffycat zei…
Aren't RAK's fun...I love sending them!

I'm looking forward to more of your darling sheep! And you better get stitching if you're ever going to use up all those pins!!! Great stash!
cathymk zei…
What a great RAK! Perfect for you! Thanks for the link for the pins - very handy!
Janaina zei…
Jeeeez! Thats a lot of pins! Somebody is going to get really busy, uh?! Missing you deeply, Simone.
Love you!

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