18 juli 2008

Flatfold for Andrea

Andrea allready received the flatfold I've made for her in the Make a wish exchange! Andrea wished for a flatfold and left the decision for the design entirely in my hands. I saw in Andrea's wishlist that she likes LHN and CCN and nature/garden theme. So I thought this CCN design would be perfect:

Design: (part of) Geranium House - Country Cottage Needlework
Fabric: 32 ct. straw linen
Floss: DMC and GAST
Finish: Flatfold

9 opmerkingen:

Andrea zei

Thanks again Simone, you really couldn't of chosen any better. :)

cathymk zei

Just lovely Simone!! Fabulous!

tammie zei

awsome flatfold.. it looks really great.

Anoniem zei

Woh, what a beautyfull needlework. I love houses, this is beautyfull. groetjes Caroline

tkdchick zei

Simone you did a beautiful job with that flatfold!

Creative Chaos zei

Schitterend patroon , en zo perfekt afgewerkt !!

Claudia zei

Ohh nice nice finished piece!!!! Well done!!

staci zei

Very cute!

Lennu zei

It's beautiful, great job Simone!