10 juli 2008


Whoohoo! I picked up my "Do Bears" from the framer, this afternoon!!!
Let the pics speak for themselves...

10 opmerkingen:

Robyn in Oz zei

You've done a lovely job on "Do Bears" & the framing complements the stitching well!

mirjam zei

Nog mooier geworden met lijst. Echt een plaatje.


Iris zei

Prachtig geworden Simone !!

Georgie zei

You must be so proud of it! Well done

ClaireEJ zei

Do Bears looks wonderful on the wall. Lovely framing:)

Anoniem zei

Do Bears looks beautiful framed and wonderful hanging on the wall! Congrats on your finish!

Carol R zei

Stunning Simone!

Nancy zei

I looks like it has belonged on that wall all along! Very nice!

Twana zei

That looks so nice hanging on the wall.

Janaina zei

Looks huuuuuuge! Terrific job, Simone! =)