Who wants it?

I saw this kit in our second hand shop, and I couldn't leave it there for only 50 cents. But this wallhanging is something I will never make... DS is already too old for it. So, is there anyone who wants to have it? It's a complete kit, with precut felt. And it's for FREE! ;)
If you want it, please leave a comment. And when more people want it, I will do a drawing.

Hugs, Simone


petra zei…
dat zou ik ook niet laten liggen, wat ontzettend schattig!!!! Ook mijn kinderen zijn deze fase ontgroeid maar er is vast wel iemand die er nog midden in zit! Lief aanbod van je!!
Anoniem zei…
hiya love your blog wow 50 cents i have a 10mths old and a three year old they would love my three year old loves animals and my baby loves the outside it would be ideal

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