Denmark here we come!

Tomorrow we're leaving for a ten day holiday to Denmark!

First we're going to visit Legoland.

Must be wonderful for a seven year old Lego-addict, to spend two full days in the park!

And after that we're travelling North to Nord-Jutland, where we've rented a house in the dunes, near the sea. See you later!!!

Hugs, Simone


Anoniem zei…
have a nice vacation. greetings Carla from Luxemburg
staci zei…
Legoland looks awesome! Have a great time!
Stitcher zei…
Have a great time. I love Legoland, although only been to the one in the UK, and it was a few years ago now.
Have a great vacation!!!!
Patti xx
Chris zei…
My husband would kill to visit Legoland. Have a great vacation!
Janaina zei…
Hope you are having a terrific time, Simone! Itching to see the pics of the travel! =D
Lennu zei…
I hope you're having a wonderful holiday! Legoland is great, we've been there once when kids were smaller and they loved it :)

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