Hey! from Denmark

DH brought his new Eee-PC (small laptop) with him to Denmark, and we have a internet-connection in our beach house, so I thought I should write a blog!

Legoland was great! DS had the best time of his life :) Although after two days his mam and dad couldn't see another Legobrick anymore...

Skallerup Klitt is a wonderful place. It's so close to the beach! Gives me a real Summer feeling! Although the wetter is not really Summer-like ( about 20 degrees Celsius and cloudy)... But it's so nice to walk out of the house and walk straight to the beach in a few minutes. We've already collected lots of shells and stones ;)

Yesterday we went to Skagen. It's the most Northern place of Denmark. The land ends here in a small stroke in the sea, where both the North Sea (Skagerrak) and the East Sea (Kattegat) come together. It's quit spectacular to see. There was even a little seal swimming around!!!

Today we're going to make a long walk over the beach and through the dunes.

DH already uploaded some pictures in his picasa album. So please, enjoy them! He will upload more photo's in the next days, so feel free to come back again ;)

Denemarken - Legoland & Skallerup Klit




Iris zei…
Wonderful Simone !!!
Enjoy the rest of your stay !!
Elza zei…
Het klinkt geweldig je verhaal over Denemarken.
Het is ook een prachtig land en lekker rustig.
Geniet er van, het is hier in Friesland heel slecht weer.
Nana's Quilts zei…
Prima fotos! Wonderful to see your vacation. It looks very lovely even if the weather wasn't perfect. I may have to add that to my list of places to visit.

Thank you for sharing with us all.
Janaina zei…
Yaaaay! Hope you are having a terrific time! Enjoy! =)
By the way... do you have news from Ruth? Her Xmas in July ornie should have got her by now, but yet, no posting of hers at the blog... =( Please get in touch when you can, ok?
Cathy B zei…
Have a great time on your trip Simone!

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