Whoohoo! It's Christmas! ;)

At least, that's what it felt like, when I came home from my vacation! There were several packages waiting for me, to be opened.

First of all, there was the Summer Needleroll from Iris, for the Borduurhoekje exchange. Iris made me this wonderful needleroll:

I have no clue from which designer this is! Will you tell us that, Iris?

Iris also included some goodies: some charts from my wishlist, some floss and a card she made herself. Iris, thank you so much for this great exchange!

Than I opened up a big box from the USA. It was the SBEBB Redwork exchange from Donna.

Donna made me my first hornbook! Isn't it gorgeous?! She told me it was a freebie from Mon Ami Pierre, stitched with Belle Soie silk "Cranberry". And Donna also sent me a lot of fun stuff:

I really felt like a kid on Christmas Eve, while opening all these presents! Thank you so much Donna!!!

Last (but not least), there was another package from Belgium. It was the matchbox from the Crazy exchange matchbox swap, from Anita.

Anita cross-stitched a little house on top of the box.

And she loaded the box with a lot of buttons, ribbons, pins (the one her daughter Pascale made and which I admired a lot!!!) and other fun stuff:

Can you imagine that this was all in one matchbox??? Thank you Anita, for this great SWAP!

While we were walking through Skagen in Denmark, I suddenly discovered a tiny little Needlework store! It was old, they didn't have much of my interest, but my eyes fell on the Christmas fabbies! The lady in the shop didn't speak anything but Danish, but I manage to take home, two half metres of fabric with me :)

Aren't they great? I suppose they're not even Danish, but I had to take a souvenir!


Janaina zei…
e needleroll and and hornbook are superb, Simone! But the matchbox is my favorite! We can definetly see all the caring Anita put in that! The pins Pascale made are so very sweet! I was drolling over them myself too! =P
Ohhhh and the fabrics are AWESOME! Pretty red one!
Iris zei…
the needleroll is from heart in hand. I'm glad you like it !!!
You got wonderful gifts in the mail !!
Wauwww, wat een gave exchanges , Jij bent lekker verwend !! :-)
Patti xx
Anoniem zei…
what gorgeous pressies i cant believe it youmust have thought it was your birthday.. congrats they are all awsome pressies.
Karen zei…
Wow, Simone - a great trip, topped off by great goodies in the post when you get home!!! Love the exchanges - they are all gorgeous!!

I saw Fall fabrics out the other day - I went past quickly, as that isn't what I was shopping for :) I assume the Christmas is probably out, too, or just about....

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