Nothing to show

I saw it's been a while since my last post. My camping trip with my parents was nice, but the weather didn't cooperate. I didn't even take any pictures!

I read a lot, but I didn't stitch much eather. Somehow I couldn't find the peace for it...

I can't show you anything of my recent stitching, because it's all for exchanges! Today I posted my Autumn exchange for Claudia. The first of four seasons for the Seasonal Exchange.

A few days ago I finished the stitching for a LHN exchange, this evening I'm going to finish another autumn exchange. Then there is the Fall house exchange and an Halloween/Autumn exchange.
And in between I hope to stitch some smalls because I finally want to try making a floss tag!

And our RR started so I have to finish that before November 1st.

When I'm finally finished with all those exchanges it's time to do some Christmas stitching! And hopefully I can work on my WIP's a little...

Maybe I should join less exchanges...
Hugs, Simone


Daffycat zei…
I'm in the big midst of exchange stitching too...I hate that I can't post pictures!!!

I love floss tags, you will too~careful, girl, they are addictive.

Less exchanges? Are you crazy? :op

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