"Tilda" heart

I saw this Tilda heart on several blogs. I don't have this particular Tilda book, but it isn't that hard to draw a heart, isn't it? So I did and "pimped" it a little with a ribbon, some buttons and jojo's and voilá... There it is!

It's hanging on my frontdoor, pointing our names out ;)

I was wondering.... What does your frontdoor looks like??? I would love to see some frontdoors on your blogs!

Hugs, Simone


Janaina zei…
So darling! =)
y front door has a boring grey color, with nothing but the number 101 (apt.) on it... =(
We plan a remodeling for soon, then I will proudly show you how it´s going to be looking! =)
Iris zei…
gorgeous Simone !!!!
Elza zei…
Dat heb je weer heel mooi gedaan.
Lief zo bij de voordeur.

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