SBEBB Reindeer games received from Donna

Yesterday I received a big box from Donna! We were each others partners in this exchange. Let's see what was inside the box.

The red box with the reindeer is already a present. But what a treat there was inside!

Such a big coincidence! Donna stitched the same JBW design for me, as I did for her. Only she did it over 1 and made it into a floss tag (did you know you can easily hang a floss tag in your Christmas tree :) )

And here are all the other goodies that were inside the box. Some candy for DS, hot chocolate, a L*K chart, GAST floss, ribbons....
Thank you so much Donna! I really enjoyed this reindeer exchange!

Hugs, Simone


cathymk zei…
What a cute exchange! Congratulations!

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