Seasonal exchange from Claudia

This afternoon the mailwoman brought me a package from Italy. It was the Seasonal exchange from Claudia, right in time for Christmas! I forget to take a pic before opening everything up (I was to greedy), but it was all beautiful wrapped!

Here's everything that was in there:

The ornament Claudia made is very ingenious...

It's also a Stitchers pocket!

The strawberry is even removable, to use as a pincushion. I think it's very clever what Claudia put together and so perfectly finished! It's going to be hard, to come even close to this in our next (Spring) exchange.

Thanks again, sweet Claudia!!!


Simone...., blijf kijken naar de aardbei en mapje? ZUCHT! Wat een heerlijke seasonal exchange, mijn zusje heet ook Claudia maar is niet zo'n crea hahahha...totaal niet! Gek hé, zo lief ook je berichten op m'n log dank je wel! Love Cin X
Elza zei…
Wat een schitterende spullen heb je weer ontvangen. Prachtige dingen maken jullie allemaal. Groeten Elza
Brigitte zei…
Now this is a great exchange. What a great finishing idea! Very special.

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